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Blind (Paperback, 2006, Black Library Publishing) 4 stars

The Master of the Blind Tower — a vast fortification housing countless telepaths — has …

Self-worth & Duty

No rating

A well done "who-done-it?" in a unique setting, which allows the author to use rather poetic descriptions when it comes to the astropath's experience of the world. We also follow Shira Calpurnia's Fate after the events of the last book – Legacy – and how she has to deal with questions of self-worth and duty; in a very believable way.

reviewed Legacy

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Legacy (Paperback, Black Library Publishing) 4 stars

Arbites officer Shira Calpurnia is appointed to protect an ancient trading charter, which is being …

Imperial vs Ecclesiarchal law

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In a society which is dominated by state religion and a class system, we are presented with a well thought-out story of Imperial law versus Ecclesiarchal law, wherein Shira Calpurnia is more of a side character used to deliver the story. This fact does not detract from the overall enjoyment, though. We can see aristocracy acting at its worst, in hereditary intrigues and inter-ship politics. Besides that, the novel provides us with some nice insights into the Adeptus Mechanicus and the dangers of warp travel and how it affects the average human being.

Battle for the Abyss (Paperback, 2014, Black Library) 4 stars

News of Horus's treachery is in the open, and a time of testing has come. …

Brotherhood and the Warp

4 stars

Title and subtitle are as far as the prominent two plot threads go. Besides some embellishment in form of some (to fans of the W40K universe) known rivalry between Legions (eg Space Wolves/ Thousand Sons) you get exactly what you'd expect. Embedded in a mix of martial action, gore and cosmic horror, is a fine, though somewhat superficial discourse about the meaning of brotherhood. Fans of space or rather warp travel get a believable description of the Immaterium, based on colours and emotions. All that written in diverse language, depending on which Legion's character is the point of view.