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Introvert vegan anarchist. I read mostly fantasy and science fiction books. I can lend you most of the books I've read, as epub.

Languages: de, en.

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Fake Facts (German language, 2020) 4 stars

Es macht keinen guten eindruck, wenn ganz am anfang erstmal ein pseudowissenschaftlicher psychotest kommt. In einer frage werden gar regierungen, geheimdienste und medien in einen topf geworfen, das ist in dieser pauschalität selbst ein verschwörungsmythos. 🤦

Ich hoffe es wird später besser.

Warden (EBook, 2021, Delyth Angharad) 5 stars

It's not often someone gets the drop on Alwyn Jove, Imperial Warden and powerful magic-wielder—but …

“Tommy Two-Thumbs.” Dain spoke quietly. “A very well connected gentleman. If someone knows something about this Darkshear business, it’ll be him.”

" ‘Two-Thumbs?’ " Alwyn arched his brow. “He has two thumbs?”

“Of course.”

“…On one hand?”

“What? No.” Dain glanced at him sharply, amusement painted on his face as if he’d planned this entire exchange. “Don’t be silly. He has one thumb on each hand in the traditional thumb-distribution fashion.”

Alwyn rolled his eyes.

Warden by 

I see this book and I are going to be good friends. 😄

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Fake Facts (German language, 2020) 4 stars

Good discussion of a vital topic

4 stars

Helpful introduction to the topic of conspiracies in modern life. Mostly thematic chapters (e.g., climate change denial, sovereign citizens, and covid), but the last numbered chapter and the conclusion were particularly effective. The former talks about how to challenge conspiratorial thinking, including how to get friends and family members out of the rabbit hole, while the conclusion tackles the way conspiracies have seeped into mainstream political discourse and the dangers therein.

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Privatstädte (Paperback, German language, 2022, Unrast Verlag) No rating

Seit der Weltwirtschaftskrise von 2008 arbeiten fanatisch-neoliberale (›proprietaristische‹) Netzwerke an der Entwicklung von Privatstädten, in …

Andreas Kemper bei Detector FM:

Welche Folgen haben Privatstädte für angrenzende Länder?

Prospéra, Blueseeds, Ocean Builders – was nach Science-Fiction-Roman klingt, sind Namen geplanter Privatstädte. Die sollen bald in mehreren Ländern des globalen Südens entstehen. Doch wie genau funktionieren diese Privatstädte und was für Folgen hat das für die Länder?

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Der Schattenmann/Schauplatz Berlin (Paperback, German language, 2000, Suhrkamp Verlag) No rating

Die Berliner Journalistin Ruth Andreas-Friedrich (1901–1977) erzählt in ihren bewegenden Tagebuchaufzeichnungen vom Widerstand gegen die …