Lady Chatterleys Lover

English language

Published Dec. 10, 2005


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3 stars (1 review)

Lady Chatterley's Lover is a novel by English author D. H. Lawrence that was first published privately in 1928 in Italy and in 1929 in France. An unexpurgated edition was not published openly in the United Kingdom until 1960, when it was the subject of a watershed obscenity trial against the publisher Penguin Books, which won the case and quickly sold three million copies. The book was also banned for obscenity in the United States, Canada, Australia, India and Japan. The book soon became notorious for its story of the physical (and emotional) relationship between a working-class man and an upper-class woman, its explicit descriptions of sex and its use of then-unprintable four-letter words. The story is said to have originated from certain events in Lawrence's own unhappy domestic life, and he took inspiration for the settings of the book from Nottinghamshire, where he grew up. According to some critics, …

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A book containing much explicit sexual descriptions

3 stars

I did not completely enjoy reading this book. There were a bit too much explicit scenes. Putting that aside, the book mostly seems to be about the bad things of society. About how everyone only cares for money. This is stated several times throughout the book.