The case for a carbon tax

getting past our hang-ups to effective climate policy

The case for a carbon tax (2011, Island Press)

English language

Published July 27, 2011 by Island Press.


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I tried...

2 stars

So I ordered this from the library as part of a good faith attempt to understand the argument for a carbon tax, but I'm afraid I just can't finish it. The first half or so of the book outlines four possible ways of reducing emissions (carbon taxes, government regulation (which the author calls 'command-and-control'), cap-and-trade, and government subsidies -- we'll just skate over the problem with picking these, plus making them as strawman as possible) and then provides ten arguments in support of carbon taxes, which basically seems to consist of demonstrating the superiority of carbon taxes over whichever of the other three is the weakest. I actually only made it four arguments in before I had to give up in frustration. I then jumped forward to the arguments against carbon taxes. This felt so wishy-washy that it felt like there was no serious attempt to engage. In particular, the …


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