Round One (Copra #01-06)

Copra (Paperback, 2019, Image Comics)

Paperback, 160 pages

English language

Published May 7, 2019 by Image Comics.


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5 star (1 review)

"They're ugly. They're mean. But up until today, they've always been loyal. So when one of their own betrays them, the men and women of COPRA have no choice but to turn their nightmarish skills back on every son of a bitch who ever looked at them funny."

Here it is, the first six issues of Michel Fiffe's master class in self-publishing. COPRA: A superhero revenge machine. Contains the first 6 issues together in one volume.


5 star

The story is kind of a standard gritty revenge plot with some mystery added. The art is the truly remarkable thing here, mixing details and heavy brushes perfectly. The best moments are when it becomes surreal.

This series is also a modern classic of (North American) indie publishing. It's a one person project which was initially released through monthly issues (which is a whole lot of work for a single person). I'll definitely read the rest of the series.